“Motivated people make all the difference”

An extensive part of our day is spent working. The more satisfaction we get from working, the more energy we get from our work.

At Alexander King it is our mission to ensure that the right person is in the right place and that once employees are in that right place, to make sure they can excel.

The fit with the organization plays an important role in this, but also the way you can collaborate with your team, how you learn and how you can get the most out of yourself without asking too much of yourself. Managers play a vital role in the working atmosphere and the development climate in their department.

Scientific research shows that a substantial percentage of managers derail because they are either too laissez-faire or too dominant. With the right interventions and tailored solution based coaching most of these potential derailers can get back on track which is not only beneficial for themselves, but also for their team, their colleagues and for the organization as a whole.

Let's get in touch!

Pleased to meet you! My name is Alec Serlie. As a Work and Organisational  psychologist I have been working for various companies and organisations for over 25 years.

Consultancy, Coaching and Career Assessments are the areas in which I am active. My main aim is to get people moving, motivate them or help them with the next step in their career. In order to achieve this I use scientifically proven and validated methods and instruments.

At the Erasmus University Rotterdam I lecture and conduct research on a number of these topics. I regularly publish on leadership and innovative assessment methods.

Dr. Alec Serlie
Work and Organisational Psychologist (NIP A&O register)